Massage body body is performed by sliding along the body of the partner. A masseuse applies oil slowly to herself, then to her partner, Massage is done using the chest, abdomen, genitals , buttocks. Massage  increases sexual desire, easily copes with cases of weakened potency, actively stimulates the male body to receive sexual satisfaction.

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Body-body massage is a whole erotic art. This is a story not only about tactile sensations and stimulation of erogenous zones, but also about exotic experiences.For massage need to light candles and turn on slow relaxing music. Body-body massage is a glide of your body over your partner’s body. And for this you need a large amount of oil.   The oil must be special, that is, suitable for contact with the genitals. During the massage, the body of the masseuse comes  in full contact with the body of a man. Conventional oils can cause allergies or irritation in intimate areas.

The oil should be warm. Before you start the most savory, you need to relax your partner. To do this, give him a little relaxation massage. Body-body massage is not only pleasant, but also beautiful. Masseuse raises a bottle of oil above herself and gently pours it onto her chest with a trickle, onto your entire body, and then onto your partner.

Body massage should usually end with a happy end, so that this does not happen ahead of time, the man should lie on his stomach at the beginning of the massage. Massage is done by sliding with the help of the chest, abdomen, buttocks, face,genitals. The masseuse transfers part of her weight to her hand and hold the body. The masseuse lowers her breast onto the partners lower back, then up to the shoulder blades nd down to the knees. Slide up and down touching the partners chest, face, stomach. Moving throught the body of a man, the masseuse feels the vibration of the erogenous zones of the man from touching the body to body. The advantage of this massage is relaxation of the muscle corset and deepest muscles, the restoracion of good blood circulaion, the release of sexual energy. The skin after massage becomes elastic and smooth to the touch, thanks to improved blood flow. Man sensuality relaxation, exhaustion tiredness and anxiety.

Body-body massage actively stimulates the ale body to receive further sexual satisfaction. At the same time, we do not forget that it is still a massage, and it enhances blood ciirculacion, which is beneficial for each cell, improves metabolism, stimulates the movement of lymph flow and increases immunity. Perhaps body to body massage is the most pleasant cure for all diseases, the effect of which plunges into a state of bliss and fills the body with strong vital energy.

We offer everyone to try this unforgettable pleasure.

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