Depilacion of the deep zone of a bikini, legs or the whole body is performed with a razon or a special cream for depilacion. After depilacion  heated honey with peeling sugar is applied to the skin. Honey and sugar peeling is an ideal sking cleanser. The scrub cleanses the skin by removing dead cells from its surface, it has tonic effect , improves blood circulation and softens the skin. By appointment

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Depilation is a more primitive and much less effective method of hair removal than hair removal. This only removes the part of the hair that is on the surface of the skin. The most common method of hair removal is shaving. A somewhat more complex, but also less effective procedure is chemical depilation, for which hundreds of a wide variety of creams, aerosols, ointments and other cosmetic products are produced.

The hot climate of Spain with its developed beach culture has a significant impact on local residents-unlike the men of other countries, the Spaniards categorically do not tolerate the presence of vegetation on their chests and almost completely remove their hair, but do not shave their armpits and often wear a lush beard. For male depilation of intimate places, use a razor with a double blade, shaving foam for sensitive skin, a towel. The effect lasts several days. Apply shaving foam or clear antibacterial gel to wet skin. Pull the skin until it touches the razor. This way you will achieve better blade sliding and protect yourself from possible cuts. And male depilation will be cleaner.

It is advisable to shave in the direction of hair growth. A clean shave is only possible when shaving “against the hair”, but this method is fraught with further ingrown hair. Start shaving with smooth, short strokes. Lower the penis and treat the pubis. Start from the top and slowly go down.
Now move the penis to the left and process the right side under it and on the scrotum. Do the same with the left side, shifting the genitals to the right side in advance. It remains to work out the lower part of the penis and scrotum. Take the penis. Pulling the skin slightly, carefully shave the lower part and scrotum.

Wash off shaved hair and pat the shaved area with a dry towel. After depilation, if desired, honey-sugar peeling is applied to the skin. A cosmetic product from sugar and honey is an excellent cleansing scrub. To get the optimal result in the form of smooth, clean and soft skin, you must adhere to the recipes and follow the rules of the procedure. The main ingredients are honey and sugar. The scrub is suitable for any skin type. Due to additional ingredients, a composition is created that corrects the deficiencies of oily or aging skin.

Sugar, dissolved in bee nectar, carefully and delicately exfoliates dead particles, making the skin velvety and tender.
Regular use of scrub normalizes the water-fat balance of the skin. As a result, elasticity increases, dryness disappears, the skin becomes less oily.
Honey acts as an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal agent, prevents the occurrence of the so-called black spots. And small sugar particles cleanse and tighten pores.

Reviews of lovely ladies indicate that regular procedures correct skin defects (orange peel, post-acne and even stretch marks). This happens due to increased blood flow in problem areas. The fruit acids contained in the sugar-honey product not only remove dead particles, but also help to brighten pigment and age spots. As a result, younger and soft skin.

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