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Erotic massage is one of the oldest therapies ever used as a natural remedy for pain, which over time has evolved into a structured touch technique, and varies according to the specific method utilised. We offer a true feast for your senses and emotions using Tantra, an Eastern esoteric tradition, that teaches you to use material desire as a spiritual goal to achieve a state of peace and ecstasy It has the potential to completely change your usual thinking and routines.

Let yourself be conquered by the charms of our beautiful and professional masseurs, who with only the sense of touch will transport you, together with your beautiful energy, to a paradise of incredible sensations. You will feel surrounded by desire and euphoria that will build moment to moment, until you breathe a new air, where sensuality and eroticism are combined to create an intense pleasure. Come and break free in this magical place.

Erotic masseuse Ada

Yoni Massage & Lingam Massage

The Yoni and Lingam represent the Yin and Yang, the male and female reproductive organs. Yoni and Lingam massage focuses the entirety of its energy directly on the erogenous zones…

couples massage

Romantic Massage for Couples

Reach the absolute heights of pleasure and relaxation with the person you love right by your side. Enjoy an intimacy that you never believed possible. We have themed rooms to…

erotic massage in barcelona

Body To Body Massage

The connection of one body rubbing against another is enough to generate warmth, and bring you both to the furthest reaches of ecstatic pleasure. A body to body massage is a massag…

prostate massage

Prostate Massage

There is an aura of mystery surrounding the prostate—and our gentle and caring masseurs intend to demystify it. For many centuries it has been well known that stimulation of the pros…

Massage four hands

Four Hands Massage

At Erotic Massage In Barcelona, our masseurs perform the most ecstasy inducing tantra massages one can ever experience. And that’s with the work of two hands. Double your pleasu…

Tibetan Massage Barcelona

Tibetan Massage

Tibetan Massage in an ancient traditional massage that uses special medicinal oils in order to oxygenate the blood and increase overall blood circulation. Improved circulation can lea…

Nuru massage

Nuru Massage

Developed and perfected in Japan, Nuru Massage means “smooth/slippery massage”. Both the masseur and the client are lubricated with a flavourless and odorless gel, which allows fo…

Woman massage

Woman Massage

Massage of the intimate zones of a woman allows every woman to feel really desired and sexy. A satisfied woman subconsciously positions herself a little higher, which is noticeable in her…


The erotic massage programs of our parlour are aimed at providing maximum pleasure for the soul and body and for every taste. No matter how free or busy you are, we always have something to surprise you: from a 30-minute relaxation massage with complete erotic relaxation, to many hours of enchanting show with a change of exciting scenes and masseuses. Come purposefully or during a break between your business – our masters are always ready to give passionate sensual pleasures and maximum visual excitement. We also have programs for womans and programs for couples.


Erotic shower

Naughty Fantasies during the session

Have you ever dared to explore your deepest fantasies? Our masseurs will take you to the deepest reaches of your mind with costume and roleplay. Discover your fantasy by dressing up in a costume yourself, or simply allowing our masseurs to play the role of your dreams.

Massage strapon Barcelona

Massage Strap On during the session

A unique and intense form of deep prostate stimulation. One of our incredible masseurs will help you to find the outer reaches of your pleasure possibilities with a harnessed strap-on apparatus. Firstly, we begin by gentle prostate stimulation, slowly moving toward the deepest most profound ejaculatory experience you’ve ever had.

Erotic shower

Erotic Shower before the session

Ever wanted to get clean by a beautiful woman, while warm water drips over your naked bodies? Our erotic shower add on is perfect for those who want to begin their experience right away. When you hop into our warm shower, one of our masseurs will rub a gel infused with essential oils all over your entire body. This produces an intense anticipation for your upcoming massage, and deepens the connection between client and masseur.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

Exfoliacion, aquatic massage and hair removal, these are some other alternatives that we offer to you in order to spoil yourself and feel truly pampered. Exfoliation is a therapy that through an energizing massage using marine salts and fruit oils helps you relax and eliminate dead cells and skin impurities, giving a new look and feel to your body. The aquatic massage is a relaxing method that floats your body in aromatic bubbles, this massage is performed in our jacuzzi, calming your mind as the salts relax your body and the aromatherapy of the bubbles frees your mind. It certainly is an excellent way to unwind after a tiring day. The hair removal is an excellent option if you want to let yourself relax and kick back, while we remove the unwanted hair from any area that you require.

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