True pleasure and relaxation before a massage for a man is an erotic shower.Warm water, fragrant foam and gentle hands of a masseuse and erotic game in the shower  will help to relax as much as possible before massage.

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Since ancient times, water procedures have been used to cleanse the soul and body from negativity. Water can wash away not only external pollution, but also carry away all anxieties and difficulties. And if in the shower with a man there is a charming girl.

An erotic shower is a pleasure before a massage. Such a program is not just a hygienic procedure. This is a kind of initial stage before erotic massage. Warm jets of water help to relax and forget about problems. Fragrant foam gently envelops the body, the massage therapist’s movements are rhythmic and unhurried … The muscles of the body become soft and flexible, so subsequent massage procedures bring maximum benefit.

Most often, it complements the main program. But if there is not enough time for a full massage, then this will help to quickly get rid of the accumulated fatigue and charge the batteries. At the request of the guest, two masseuses can participate in the procedure at once – washing in the shower in this case will turn into an unforgettable erotic game. Beauties not only give the guest pleasure, but also play with each other from the heart.

Guest takes off their clothes (alone or with the help of a girl). A masseuse escorts a man to the rack, sets the desired water temperature, selects a gel or foam.
Then the girl puts a fragrant gel on the man’s body and begins to gently massage her neck and shoulders – it is in these places that tension and fatigue accumulate. After a relaxing massage comes the turn of the erotic part of the procedure. Hands are replaced by more piquant parts of the girl’s body – elastic breasts, delicate buttocks, tummy. The girl glides over the client’s body with her body, rich fragrant foam provides perfect glide and exacerbates sensations to the limit.

Pure pleasure…

Surrender to the power of a beautiful naked nymph and forget about the problems. After erotic shower  any kind of massage can follow – classical, body to body  or prostate massage. If a shower with a masseuse was ordered as an independent program, the final step will be a tonic massage of the hands. Often water procedures play the role of the final stage of another program – in the shower, excess massage oil or cream is washed off. Get unforgettabe pleasure   from an erotic warm shower.

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