Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique ,massage is a full body massage with heated nuru gel. Gel nuru unlike oils or crem , which are common, allows the massage of the body to body to be more effective due to its slippery effect. Gel is applied manually throughout the body of the client and  massage therapist. Massage therapists often use their body. Strong tactile sensations give their effect and help relieve stress. Come to enjoy

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Nuru massage begins with a mind-taking shower, which, when water falls, allows the senses and erotic moment to gain strength. Further, the massage is developed using a special moisturizing aloe vera gel that enhances sensations and touch in different parts of the body.

Nuru massage works using tantric techniques especially in various areas of the body with the chest, buttocks, stomach, arms… As a result, we experience intense pleasure in which every pore and centimeter of skin. He becomes a source / receiver of erotic energy.

Nuru massage has great erotic and sensory intensity. Using the whole body of a massage therapist in its development allows you to enjoy and enjoy the recipient.
The technique of Western massage is diverse and unique, because of this, the adherents of aromatic oils-the oiled inhabitants of the country of the rising sun are not too lazy to create new platforms, including for fans of high-quality love massage.

From a large number of relaxation techniques, it is difficult to choose something special, since any of them is unique from its point of view, starting from unusual ones, ending with measured and pacifying ones.

Truly one of the most common is the NURU system. Its peculiarity is that when performing this type of massage, a special dull gel is used, which does not have aroma and taste. Therefore, nuru massage is also called opera. The oily gel has no contraindications for use, in addition, it is suitable for everyone and everyone who wants to plunge into the bright moments of tactile feelings.

NURU love massage is the foundation of a healthy and strong body. He is considered the embodiment of hidden inventions, is able to arouse the freshness of the body, clean ideas and interpret the mind.

Translated from Japanese, the word “nuru” means “smooth” and “slippery”. The technique of performing nuru massage is completely different from the classic love massage. The soft glides of a woman’s naked body over the guest’s body are ready to ignite the fuse and excite, present indescribable feelings and open all corners consciousness. The masseuse’s productive sexual energetics and her qualified approach are ready to lead the customer to the pinnacle of fantastic enjoyment. The key goal of the massage nuru is general physical and moral relaxation. The malleable suspension exclusive in its composition can improve the pleasure of relaxation and help the masseuse immerse you in the sea of attraction and bliss.

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