Is the massage or stimulacion of the male prostate gland for medical purposes or stimulacion point G. Using a finger or reputable sex toy , you massage the prostate either internally or exsternally. Stimulacion of the prostate can cause a stronger, more powerful orgasm than stimulacion of the penis. You like the new experince.

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Prostate massage is a massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for medical purposes or G-spot stimulation. Using a finger or an authoritative sex toy, you massage the prostate both inside and out. Stimulation of the prostate can cause an increasingly strong orgasm. than penile stimulation. Prostate is one of the most important elements of the male reproductive system. This is an iron prostate massage about the size of a Greek nut, located between the bladder and rectum, about where the penis begins. Some men claim Prostate Massage that, thanks to prostate massage, they have increased sexual desire, increased pleasure in sexual intercourse and ejaculation is simplified. Touching the prostate brings men simply unspeakable pleasure. However, not every man dares to admit this, much less ask you to touch him there. That is, between you should not only be a very trusting relationship, but also, preferably, a passionate desire to experiment. A man should prepare for a massage in the prostate. It is necessary to make an enema with hot water and soup or to clean the anus with wet wipes. Deeper cleaning includes a warm shouwer directed inward.

To massage the prostate , a massage therapist should prepare a pair of madical gloves, richly lubricated with a lubricant. Instead of a glove, you can use a condom. You need to make sure that he does not have cracks in the anus that will interfere with having fun. In addition, there are a number of contraindications to prostate massage. Among them, acute infectious processes, hemorrhoids and problems with the bladder. Before starting a prostate massage , masseuse  can massage the back, theotrophic zone, stroking, kissing. Several positions are suitable for massage the prostate, you can try each of them to find out in which pose the man is most pleasant. One of the poses is when he lies on his side, knees bent under him; the second is a standard doggy style. Another option is when he sits with his legs and knees wide apart, pulled up to his chest. In this position, you can be face to face with him, although maybe for the first time it really is too much.

Having put on a glove and having greased fingers, with a soft circular motion massage his anus, until you feel that your partner has relaxed.
With your finger pointing up, slowly and gently insert it inside.
Feel the rounded tubercle on the upper wall, gently massage it.
Some men experience an immediate erection from prostate massage, but during the massage, his penis can become limp, and this is completely normal – continue while you both enjoy it. A man may also have a secret, even if he has not ejaculated, and this is also normal. Massage of the prostate must be done in order to relieve pain, as well as normalize blood circulation. In addition, the procedure allows you to eliminate stagnation and completely clear the ducts from stagnant lumps of secret.

During massage, prostate cells are immediately saturated with oxygen, which has a beneficial effect on its condition. This is very important for the restoration of metabolism, and allows you to accelerate cell regeneration.

You like the new experince

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