A lingam massage is a tantric erotic practice, focused on massaging the penis.The lingam massage icluding the testicles, perineum  relaxacion and pleasure in the intimate zones for both men. The Yoni massage might be considered the equivalent of the lingam massage, just performed on people with vaginas. Massage that is performed exclusively  in male or female intimate area, varing pressure and intensity to delay orgasm .

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One of the many benefits of this kind of massage is that it can help you take control of your own ejaculatory power. Masseuse will bring you close to climax several times; she does this in order to build up your sexual energy. The energies like this to get ‘stuck’, and they must be released before they can be harnessed and used to their greatest effect. Masseuse  to massage your Lingam directly, you will find yourself on the edge of orgasm only to have your masseuse slow her movements and allow you to calm before gradually heightening your energy again.
Think of massaging his penis as if you were deconstructing a handjob. Do everything you might do in a hand job, but break up the actions and go much slower:

Try cradling his balls and massage in between his testicles. Rub his perineum while you gently stroke his shaft.
Concentrate on just the head of his penis. Use one hand and move the other up and down his shaft.
Really oil up your hands, put his penis in between your laced fingers, and move up and down with a firm grip.
Your interlaced hands above men head of his penis and even more firmly bring them down again, mimicking the opening to your vagina.

Then watch his toes curl.Yoni massage might be considered the equivalent of the lingam massage ,just performed on people with vaginas .The Yoni Massage admires your power and beauty as a woman and is the perfect form to caress the jewel (clitoris), venus lips, pelvic floor and G-Point. An orgasm is not the goal, rather sexual healing in whatever form the body expresses this need. A Yoni massage consists of soft and subtle caresses in the vagina and offers a myriad of benefits both physical, mental and psychic.

It’s important to note that orgasm is not the purpose of all yoni massages, in fact, in some authentic tantric techniques, it is actually avoided. For those of you who would like to complete the yoni session with an orgasm, which let’s face it, its most of us, you can proceed with the next step. Start to consider the yoni area as a whole now, with multiple areas to be stimulated in combination. Run your fingers from the very top of the vagina, over the clit with a little more pressure than before, then down around the lips and vaginal opening.Massage that is performed exclusively  in male or female intimate area , varing pressure and intensity to delay orgasm.

Even so, the orgasm obtained by the Yoni massage is usually more intense, prolonged and pleasant than usual. And this happens because you do not have to wait for anything, you have to leave the mind free of all prejudice and desire to achieve achievements; the only objective is that you find yourself, that you enjoy and that you relax and Lingam massage provides profound healing within the recipient and the giver.

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