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The most beautiful and sensual masseuses, modern installations, complete privacy in the center of Barcelona make our parlour the best choice.

If you’ve been searching for the most sensual, stress-relieving tantra massage in Barcelona—then look no further. Erotic Massage in Barcelona guides you through the gates of pleasure and relaxation like you’ve never experienced before. Every single one of our tantalizing masseurs brings a unique set of skills to delight the senses.

erotic massage in Barcelona



Erotic massage is one of the oldest therapies ever used as a natural remedy for pain, which over time has evolved into a structured touch technique, and varies according to the specific method utilised. We offer a true feast for your senses and emotions using Tantra, an Eastern esoteric tradition, that teaches you to use material desire as a spiritual goal to achieve a state of peace and ecstasy It has the potential to completely change your usual thinking and routines.

Let yourself be conquered by the charms of our beautiful and professional masseurs, who with only the sense of touch will transport you, together with your beautiful energy, to a paradise of incredible sensations. You will feel surrounded by desire and euphoria that will build moment to moment, until you breathe a new air, where sensuality and eroticism are combined to create an intense pleasure. Come and break free in this magical place.

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11:00 AM - 22:00 PM


Erotic massage in Barcelona


Colombian, 26 years old

Erotic masseuse Teresa


Spanish, 26 years old

Erotic massage Barcelona with Valeria


Colombian, 31 years old

barcelona erotic massage


Dominican, 20 years old

Masseur Lorenzo


Romanian, 33 years

Masseur Fran


Spanish, 24 years


Massage has been used to relax, heal, and ignite the sense for thousands of years. At Erotic Massage In Barcelona—we honour that tradition by providing the most exquisite, exceptional, customized nuru massage in Barcelona. From the moment you set foot in our massage studio, we cater to your every whim. You’ll literally feel the stresses of the day melt away as we pamper and seduce you.


At Erotic Massage In Barcelona, we take our skills right to your doorstep. Whether at your home or hotel—our professional and discreet masseurs will perform with ecstatic skill while you feel the healing magic working every inch of your body.


Warm Welcome

No matter how hard your day has been, or what your worries may be, we instantly begin working to relieve that stress the moment you set foot in our studio. This lovely greeting sets the tone for your entire experience. Our staff are all trained in the art of service, and we roll out the red carpet for each and every guest.

The Erotic Massage

What is your fantasy? We customize your experience to your personal preferences. Cleanse your energy, heal your body, relax your mind—and begin to unwind. Each one of our tantra massage experts are trained in the art. No guest leaves our studio unfulfilled.

Glorious Culmination

The crescendo of your experience. The ultimate release of all of the pent up tension that has been built up during your stay at Erotic Massage In Barcelona. This part of the experience focuses the energy on the organ, ensuring a total and complete explosion of pleasure.


Not every person requires ejaculation to reach the absolute pinnacle of their own personal euphoria. Each person has their own definition of release, and our staff are trained to pinpoint that exact moment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Erotic Massage in Barcelona

At what age can you visit an erotic massage center?

Any Visitor who has reached the age of majority (18 years old) can use the services of our parlour and get fabulous pleasure from our beautiful masseuses!

Do I have to wear underwear during the erotic massage or do I have to take it off?

Since the erotic part of the massage for the most part consists in the fact that the masseuse’s naked body slides over your body, leaving no corner unattended, it is better to take off your underwear.

At what point does the countdown start?

The countdown starts from the very moment when you choose one or more erotic massage programs and their charming performers and go to the shower.

How can you choose a girl?

Come to our erotic massage center and choose a hot masseuse for every taste! Before the start of the massage program, each masseuse will come into your room to show themselves.

Is it possible for a massage girl to come to the hotel?

Erotic massage performed by our hot girls is possible both in our salon and outcall erotic massage in Barcelona hotels. We will be waiting for you as a guest to give you unforgettable moments of relaxation.

How confidential is a massage session in your parlour?

All communication with clients in our parlour is strictly confidential. The movement of visitors inside the salon is arranged in such a way that they remain invisible to each other.

Is there a danger of contracting skin and sexually transmitted diseases during erotic massage?

We try to exclude the possibility of harm to the health of our beautiful girls and dear Guests, therefore, in all rooms of our salon it is clean and comfortable, the linen is sterile and disposable, before each erotic massage procedure, our Guests and relaxation masters must take a shower. In addition, our salon excludes contact between the genitals and mucous membranes of the Guest and the masseuse, so there is absolutely no chance of catching any disease. Also, do not forget that all our masseuses are first and foremost professional masters, and have all the necessary medical documents.

How many erotic relaxations does an hourly eromassage program include?

A sensual massage is performed by our delightful masseuses very sensually, gently, passionately, stretching every second of the Guest’s pleasure, gradually bringing it to the highest point of pleasure, so one hour of erotic massage in Barcelona includes one relaxation.

Is erotic massage the same as sex?

No, these are completely different things. Many people are accustomed to associate erotic massage with a mandatory intimate component, but this is just a stereotype. We will prove to you that such a massage can be better than any kind of sex.

What if none of your programs suits me and I would like something else?

Just call or write your wishes to us! We will be happy to try to supplement our proposed program with ideas and suggestions that interest you. The price will be agreed individually.

In what cases can a massage session be suspended?

The session will be terminated: – if the guest tries to use physical force. – if the guest uses profanity, he will start insulting the masseuse; Guests in a state of strong alcohol or drug intoxication are definitely not allowed to the session.

If the erotic massage session seemed short to me, can I extend its time?

If the standard time of a massage session seemed not enough for you, you can extend the session of sensual massage.

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